Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Content theft from JT Belize Village

We officially announce that JT Belize Village, has stolen and copied many of our webpages with text, maps and photos.  They even removed our copyright from our maps. We are aware off this and we will anybody inform about this act of piracy.   “The  http://www.jtbelizeresort.com/ is a content thief”

 Pictures of a part of our stolen GuidetoBelize.info   Maya / Altun Ha

Stolen content. JT Belize Village
                                  iis a content thief

We warn every traveler to do any bookings with this company
and we will inform the Belize Tourism Board about this DMCA enfringement too.

To see our original contend, please visit

 and choose a Maya site or a Maya site map

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Content theft from Belize Cable Guide

Content theft:
We officially announce that Belize Cable Guide, has stolen and copied two of our webpages with text and photos. We are aware off this and we will anybody inform about this act of piracy. 
“The  http://belizecableguide.webs.com/ is a content thief”

Pictures of a part of our stolen GuidetoBelize.info News& Media / TV Stations on http://belizecableguide.webs.com/

Stolen content. Belize Cable Guide
                                is a content thief

Please look at our original page here:

Belize TV Stations & Channels