Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belize suffers Power outages for the next four months

Belize will suffers Power outages for the next four months

BEL warns that starting on Friday, May 8, Mexican power provider CFE is cutting it off for four months. It’s nothing personal, apparently the Mexican power company has experienced damage to major generating equipment in Campeche.

During the dry season, BEL gets more than half of its peak power from CFE. So, the only good news is that the rainy season is around the bend. But until then the company will have to juggle available sources of power to compensate for the shortfall. It urges consumers to conserve power.

This outage not only affects the Light and the AC. There are many hidden electrical, systems as: Water pumps, Gas pumps, Cordless Phone Basic Stations, Microwaves, DSL and Cable TV Routers on the power poles. Even when you have a generator your internet and the TV will be dead.

Prepare your self, with stocking batteries, gas and caned food.

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