Saturday, November 7, 2009

The New STAR Newspaper Nr 205 is here

"Two More Illegal Guns Found
Three Persons Arrested"

Here is the latest edition of the STAR Newspaper.
Please use this Link to Download your copy
number 205 from November 8th 2009.

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Belize News and Newspaper
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Headlines for this Issue:

  • Two More Illegal Guns Found - Three More Persons Arrested
  • The Are Many Positive And Innovative
    Things Happening At St. Ignatius High School
  • You are Invited To Attend The Public Consultations
    On The Belize/Guatemala Partial Scope Agreement
  • Pepso Laid to Rest
  • Brazilian Man Shows Up Alive At His Own Funeral
  • Chef Adam Is Back In Town
  • ON Class, Race, Racism and Favoritism
  • Six Rear Lights For Police Bicycles Donated
  • Batman Jr. Sentenced to 4 Years Imprisonment
  • and much more

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