Monday, September 6, 2010

Angry and stupid mob destroys ACES Crocodile Sanctuary in Belize

ACES / American Crocodile Educational Sanctuary no longer exists
by Cherie Renee Chenot-Rose on Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 1:10pm

ACES no longer exists. While Vince and I were on Ambergris Caye rescuing three problematic crocodiles for the Belize Forest Department, two children went missing from a village near Punta Gorda. The local Maya villagers believed that Vince and I fed the missing children to the crocs.

We were not even there, as I stated, but were on Ambergris Caye. As a lynch mob, the villagers burnt ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary to the ground.

The status of the crocodiles is unknown because the fire is so hot the Belize Defense Forces cannot get to the property.

None has been arrested. Vince and Cherie are now homeless and do not have anything to their name. Everything was lost. Our lives have been threated if we return to Punta Gorda...

The green and eco-friendly building of the ACES / American Crocodile Educational Sanctuary where all burnt to the ground and the owner treated with dead if they come back.

We also feel sorry for all the crocodiles for loosing there home.

This sad story was also on facebook, where Cherie reported it to the public.

and in the Belize Forum

Many supporters in Belize and USA like to help Vince and Cherie and we hope ACES will have a future in Belize. The is a a lot of traffic and new about this incident, in blogs, forums, twitter, facebook and on mondy also in the Blezean News. 

Cherie and Vince
The Crocodiles her need you, because there is now body else to protect and save them.

Please visit the Site from ACES
where we also got his two pictures.

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  1. Vince and Cherie did not just purchase this beautiful facility - they built it with their own two hands and it took all their savings...over many years. What those villagers did was a sin.